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Wanna live a long time?

There are some simple ways to ensure your family does not have to waste money on a casket.
Experts say that 100% of unnatural deaths are caused by retardation.

Not getting dead is EASY!

Don't be a dummy - Just remember the Big 3!

  • Slow Down
  • Think
  • Act

• Each individual is slightly different from the next

• Genetic Adaptation

• Genetically controlled characteristics that increases ones chance of survival

• Reproduction

• Change over Time

Knowledge Base

Our mission is to provide safety tips, scary statistics, visual examples, and education to encourage safety and longevity.


Tie your shoes!

Never stand below an ice cycle!

Power tools are not toys.

Pallet jacks are not scooters.

Cardboard bailers are not "emergency nap stations".

Never take advice from anyone named "Z-Man" or "Big-Z".

Advocate for breaks. "But you can rest when you're dead!! ReeeEEEEE!" Shut up...

Every Day Life

Tie your shoes!!

Look both ways before you cross the street.

Wild animals are not pets.

Use your ears!

Railroad tracks are not "emergency nap stations".

Never take advice from anyone named "Z-Man" or "Big-Z".

Drive fast and take chances - One of the only instances that you can do your part to contribute to modern day natural selection.

Protect your Freedom

LEO stand for Law Enforcement Officer.

Things to consider:

• It is not illegal for LEO's to lie to you
• LEO's have Qualified Immunity
• Nothing you tell a LEO will help you
• You have no obligation to assist LEO's in their investigation(s)

Below are my top 5 favorite amendments for keeping your freedom safe.

2nd Amendment - The Right to bear arms

1st Amendment - Freedom of speech, religion and the press (Yes, you can record the police in the course of their public duties so long as you are not interfering with their work.) Press credentials? No such thing.

5th Amendment - Right to a trial by Jury, no self-testimony, double-jeopardy clause (a person be tried twice for the same crime), right to compensation. Extended to include the Miranda Rights.Anything that you say (TO ANYONE at ANY TIME) in the presence of a LE Officer can and will be used as evidence.

4th Amendment - Search and seizure of property Only when there is ‘probable cause’. If a LEO Requests to search your property that means that they do not have probable cause and they must have your Permission or a Warrant

6th Amendment - Right to a speedy and fair trial by jury and confrontation of witnesses (Right to have a lawyer present while answering questions)

Knowledge Base

Chief of Logan Police Department - Trickle down effect.

DGD saved my life - Thank you!

Brooks P.

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I would rate DGD 6 out of 5 starts if I could!

Jesus Christ

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Don't get Dead is the 11th commandment.

Lucifer - Other son of GOD

CEO of Hell

GurthQuake!!!!!! DGD!

Ryan "The Gurthquake".

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Anything else is Fuck All!




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